Fee for Service

YOUTH Talks!

Have an issue or topic to address in your school or organization? Want to nurture a culture of respect and unity? Have a need for civil dialogue? Want an outside perspective? . . . Look no further – we’re here to help!

Fee for Service

Empowering Youth Voice through Civil Discussions with and for Youth

YOUTH Talks delivers solutions for schools and youth-serving organizations with our successful youth forum model that has proven effective for more than two decades.

  • Small Group Discovery Sessions
  • Issue-Focused Discussions
  • Facilitation Training
  • Fees are based on time, location and group size

With YOUTH Talks, we tailor our programs and services to address your needs. Each of our programs can stand alone as a single session, or be part of a series of programs designed to address your short or long-term goals. We will partner with you to develop customized solutions that work for you and your schedule.

Discovery. Facilitation. Training.

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