Wow--what a night it was. From start to finish, Photo Wonders kept us laughing, crying and learning about the world, both on land and under the sea. Photographers Pete Souza, Lynsey Addario and Brian Skerry not only shared dozens of images, they also related the incredible stories behind each photo. Take a look at some of the video clips, photos and social media that captured this fantastic evening!

Photo Wonders with Pete Souza, Lynsey Addario and Brian Skerry

Videos from PHOTO WONDERS 


Pete Souza and Lynsey Addario, discuss the ethics and best practices of photo editing for professional photographers. 

Listen to underwater photographer Brian Skerry discuss the importance of educating consumers about the consequences our choices have on our oceans.



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Photo of President Obama by Pete Souza

Pete Souza describing his time as the official White House photographer for President Obama. Photo credit: Nick Caito


Brian Skerry discussing conservation of underwater ecosystems. Photo credit: Nick Caito


Photojournalist Lynsey Addario at The Connecticut Forum

Lynsey Addario on her incredible experiences as a war and conflict photographer. Photo credit: Nick Caito

Social Media highlights, photos and more

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